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19th March 2007

Equine Heppesvirus (EHV-1)

A confirmed case of neurologic equine Heppesvirus-1 (EHC-1) at an equine hospital in Leesburg, Virginia U.S.A. has resulted in numerous hold orders at farms in Maryland and Virginia.

These horses at the equine centre in Leesburg, VA, have shown neurological signs consistent with EHV-1 and are in isolation, the entire hospital has been quarantined with fifteen horses remaining at the facility. No new patients are being admitted until officials release all three horses.

EHV-1 is a strain of Heppesvirus that can cause respiratory disease, abortions, fever and neurological signs that range from inco-ordination and weakness in the hind limbs to paralysis.

We are not aware of any current signs of this disease in Australia – but to be sure you should check with your veterinary surgeon. It could be most detrimental to the breeding industry if found in Australia and not identified quickly.