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9th November 2006

Legendary Australian jockey Edgar Britt

Legendary Australian jockey Edgar Britt, aged 93 during the last week in October, rode in an era of great jockeys such as Darby Munro, Scobie Breasley, Jim Pike, Billy Cook and Ron Hutchinson but perhaps Edgar’s greatest claim to fame was that he was one of the first Australian jockeys to pioneer overseas race riding.

Britt rode in India for the Maharajahs of Kolhapur, Kashmir and Baroda. In England he rode for King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II and the Aga Khan.

He also rode in the USA on the great horse Winooka for trainer Mick Polson when they landed a fortune from New York bookmakers. He also met for Bing Crosby and Betty Grable and Esther Williams.

Britt won seven English Classics (three more than Scobie Breasley) riding against great friends Scobie Breasley, Ron Hutchinson, Gordon Richards and Rae ‘Togo’ Johnstone. He went to India with Jim Munro and Billy Cook where they dominated Bombay Racing for a decade while serving in the “Jockey Brigade” in World War II.

Both Edgar and Scobie Breasley are the same age although Scobie says he is much younger than Edgar – about six months he reckons!! They are still active and attend race meetings in Sydney and Melbourne – not to mention the occasional racing lunch.