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26th November 2006

Singapore’s Kranji – World’s lowest breakdown track

After seven years of heavy racing on Singapore Turf Club’s Kranji course proper it is now claimed to be the world’s safest track with fewer breakdowns.

The Singapore track was chosen after lengthy trials at Bukit Timah in which the Club compared various track surfaces, drainage and growing concepts. The Club moved to Kranji early in 1999.

The track chosen by the Singapore Turf Club was supplied by Strathayr and has proven to be a huge success especially with its performance during periods of monsoonal rain being almost unbelievable. There has never been a meeting cancelled or a single race abandoned.

The Singapore Club states that the performance of the Kranji Strathayr turf track has met and exceeded expectations.

With all the continuing controversy over tracks in Australia perhaps we should have an Australian track trialing scheme so that the different types or surfaces can be fully tested before the clubs invest in expensive new track upgrades!